Passenger Feedback and Recommendations

Passenger feedback and recommendations are essential to independent tour operators such as ourselves and the reviews we receive from our clients are extremely helpful and important to us at every stage:

Pre-booking: We aim to provide high quality personalised service, in-depth knowledge and practical information about destinations to help passengers plan their travels.

Booking:  Our staff have travelled extensively and have first-hand experience of most destinations and we work closely with local partners to put together tailor-made arrangements for our passengers, aiming to fulfil if not exceed all expectations.

Travelling: We have a long track record of providing trouble-free tailor-made services for our passengers. We are in constant touch with our ground agents and endeavour to ensure all arrangements go as smoothly as possible. Even when things go wrong (see below),

Troubleshooting: In the last few years we have had the banking crisis, the ash cloud from the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano, the Zika virus and drones at Gatwick to contend with. In May 2017 British Airways grounded all flights due to a major computer failure, there have recently been bombings in Sri Lanka and last weekend there was a significant power cut in South America which left 48 million people in Argentina and Uruguay and in parts of Brazil and Paraguay without electricity for up to 14 hours. Occasionally there are also hurricanes, wildcat strikes,  volcanic eruptions, earthquakes floods and landslides which can cause a bit of disruption to travellers and give tour operators a headache.

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our passengers. We also aim to keep travellers informed and updated and, whenever there is a crisis or a problem, we seek to work with clients to find solutions, dealing with our suppliers (e.g. airlines, hotels, ground agents and cruise companies) to resolve problems as best as possible and deal with any difficulties as efficiently as we can.

Post-Travel: We greatly appreciate customer feedback on travel arrangements,  hotels and services. Over the last year we have  moved away from contacting passengers directly to using the services of an impartial and independent company to request reviews from our passengers.

You can find out what passengers think about Revealed Travel by clicking onto the following link: