Bolivia Travel Update

London, 30 October 2019, 12.15 GMT

Bolivia Travel Update

There is currently disruption throughout Bolivia and the results of the 20 October presidential election are being disputed. The official tally gave the incumbent president Evo Morales 47.08% of votes against 36.51% to the leading rival candidate (and former president) Carlos Mesa. This result is only just above the 10-point margin required under Bolivian electoral rules for Mr Morales to avoid a second-round runoff.

The Organisation of American States (OAS) has been asked to audit the election results. Morales has said he will comply with a runoff if the audit concludes it is necessary.

There have been extensive protests and demonstrations in La Paz and in Santa Cruz.  Key roads have been blocked. In La Paz road blocks were lifted at 18.00 last night but are expected to be blockaded again today. There is further civic disruption in Potosi, Cochabamba, Oruro, Sucre, Tarija and in Trinidad.  Operations in Uyuni and at Lake Titicaca are currently unaffected.

The Foreign Office describes the political situation in Bolivia as “highly unpredictable”, with an increased risk to traveller safety. Further demonstrations and strikes are planned and there is a risk that these might turn violent. Travellers are advised to avoid large crowds and public demonstrations and not to attempt to cross any blockades.

The safety of our travellers in our topmost priority. Revealed Travel continue to monitor events closely. We maintain regular contact with our ground agents in the country and with our passengers. We are liaising with our people in Bolivia to ensure passengers are safe. Inevitably, it can take a little time to put in place alternative arrangements. Revealed Travel endeavour to keep affected passengers fully informed.

Link: Foreign Office Travel Advice for Bolivia